Be a pro in the world of................ opportunities

Getting yourself recognised in the world today can pretty difficult but there is one key step that will help you make a head start and it’s the.… INTERNET. 


Social media and online job boards have taken over the employment space online. Let’s look at how you could manipulate them to your best interest.  

Social media

The main social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn help you create and build an online identity. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are used to connect with industry experts and professionals. Twitter can sometimes not be as exciting for some as it is for others, you don’t have to tweet every hour of the day. By simply following experts and retweet their content, will get you the attention you need. You could also share some of the part-time work, for example if you’re a writer for a local newspaper, put the link to the articles on your LinkedIn page. Connect with and follow as many people you know that could influence your future in a positive light. Instagram is now mainly used for blogging purposes which is an interesting way of showcasing your talents. Recruiters aren’t focusing on how you use social media but what impressions you give off from your online presence. 

Online Job boards

Finding a job since the turn of the 21st century has changed tremendously, and this is where online job boards have come into play to make it easier. Online job boards allow you to know which employers are looking for candidates and which type of jobs are more on demand. You could sign up for notifications so that you will get updates on the jobs that are available in the fields you were looking for employment. By signing up to an online job board will allow you to be on point with your job search cause where else can you find all the information you need about the employment space?

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