Interview Tips

Avoid turning off the interviewer

After the hundreds of CV’s and personalised cover letters you’ve sent off to employers you finally get a phone call about coming in for an interview. YES! Now you can finally feel like your getting somewhere in this long journey. 

Getting an interview is great so why don’t you give yourself the best chance you can, here are a few handy tricks to make the interview process a little easier.

Arrive early

Yes, I know this is common knowledge, but you would be surprised at how many people arrive late for an interview and think that they still have a great chance. I get that sometimes the universe can throw you a curve ball and the train is running late or you’re stuck in the worst traffic jam which is completely out of your hands. In saying that, give yourself a half an hour buffer to avoid arriving late. As much as a phone call explaining that you’re late is courteous, it still doesn’t give employer confidence in your punctuality. 


Wear appropriate clothing

So you’ve come to an interview in your trendy ripped jeans and you’re wearing an effortlessly cool tee with your Nike Roshe doesn’t mean that your vibe will be appreciated in the interview, especially if you’re applying for an office job. Make the effort to fit within the company culture, you’ll know this when you would have done your research, if the company is smart casual then mirror that but keep it neat and clean so you look sharp. 

It’s always better to play safe and wear smart business attire. This doesn’t mean spending a fortune on new clothes that you may never wear again but a neat black skirt or tailored pants a nice shirt will do the trick. 

Don’t be a negative Nancy

Everyone knows when someone is bringing a bad vibe to the table so make sure that you’re throwing out all the positivity and be confident in your interview. Interviews can be scary and intimidating but if you have done all you can do to prepare, you’ll do just fine.  

Walk into the room with a smile, have a firm handshake and take control of how you want the interview to feel. If you feel like you’ve totally ruined it, try and stay positive during the process because you never know they might just love you. Being negative won’t help your cause, it will only make a bad experience worse and if you don’t land the job then take this as a learning opportunity and know that the right position will just be around the corner. 

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