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The secret ingredient for your CV

All that advice about how to get that job by making your CV look better and how to nail that interview, but has anyone told you what the most important ingredient employers look for when scanning through CVs?

The answer to all your questions is just two words… Transferable skills. Behavioural questions that potential employers ask you in an interview can be pretty daunting! So, why don’t you include this in your CV, making it easier for the employer to know how prepared you really are.  


Let’s break down these transferable skills for you.

Communication skills

This skill comes in two forms, verbal and written. Speaking comes naturally to everybody but giving valuable advice and making your voice heard is not as easy as it seems. In your CV give an example of where you have contributed in a discussion and what was the outcome. You could also include any situations regarding public speaking. By doing this the employer understands that you’re job ready and having the skills that they’re looking for. Same goes with written skills, first make sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. If you are a writer by nature, you could attach some of the work you’ve done in the past, don’t include assignments you did at uni but something like blog posts or articles you’ve written for local newspapers.

Organizational skills

Under this heading include experiences where you’ve organized an event, even if it was a little gathering at your workplace. When giving examples, make sure you show how organised you are and how your experiences reflect your diligent working habits. Focus on how you’re able to multitask, you like sticking to deadlines and you’re goal oriented.

Leadership skills

This skill doesn’t necessarily mean you had to be a leader of a particular task but how competent you are in problem solving and take initiative in the work place. Give examples of some of the projects you’ve proposed and managed at your previous position. Another point you could include is that you’ve a knack for motivating others and encouraging them to create a better work environment. When using examples, you could include instances where you’ve been successful in a project that you championed.  


Teamwork is a skill that all employers look for when they interview a candidate. List a few examples of when you worked in a team, don’t make them boring, make it interesting and engaging by showing how making sacrifices can make another team member who needs assistance, feel confident in the workplace. Making your examples informative and creative could really help your CV stand out among hundreds of others.

Make a separate section in your CV titles “Key Skills” and include the above key points. Remember, make your examples of each skill interesting and informative as you can, that will definitely make your journey one step closer to that all important job.

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