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Market yourself, you know you’re worth it


It’s hard enough to get noticed in this fast paced world of ours and if you’re not putting in the time to standout from the crowd, then how are you ever going to get that job.   

You need to be the director of your personal marketing campaign, everything about you is your brand, make sure you represent yourself well.

It’s great that your CV looks banging but your online presence is just as important and if it doesn’t reflect who you are, you need to get to work and start cleaning it up. It’s not hard to use Google and be a online Sherlock Holmes, the recruiter can find out if you’re really the right candidate for the job by having a look at your social profiles. Believe it or not your online footprint could cost you an interview, just because your friends like your drunken photos and crude comments doesn’t mean that a recruiter will. 

Make sure that your online presence is an extension of your CV, take the time to update your profile with current experiences and interests. Recruiters want to see consistency, it reinforces your brand and gives them the security that you can add value to the workplace.

We’ve talked about your presence in the online community but while you’re at it you should also review your email address. We all know that your very first email address can hold fond memories but if it isn’t appropriate, trash it and get a new one. Nobody will ever take you seriously if your email address looks like a 13 year old with raging hormones, be the grown up and make the change. 

Take the time to be the best representative of yourself because it only takes a few minutes to update your online profiles, delete inappropriate photos and comments. Start getting connected with relevant people in your industry because this could be the difference between you getting that interview or even the job. 

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