First foot through the door

First foot through the door

Hangovers are in the past and our youth are taking on extra shifts and responsibility at work. Work experience has a whole new meaning now which is why a lot of our youth have started taking on casual, part-time work and internships very seriously. 

The occasional summer internship has now transformed from being on the TO-DO list to a serious position. Jobs are an important part of life for youth with the focus of preparing them for adult life.


Students eagerly look for internships and attempt to complete a handful during the course of their studies at university. Students at a tertiary level are now taking on internships to make their resumes stand out from the crowd. 

Some courses offered at a university have units tied to an internship to help students get real work life experience. They even encourage students to take on an internship in other countries, to reinforce the importance of understanding work life at a young age.

The best part of having a job is the extra pocket money every week. Starting to earn and spend your own money at a young age is a great way of learning how to manage your finances and is a big responsibility. 

Getting a first job can at times be a struggle but the most important lesson is a lot of experience is gained in an interview, practice makes perfect. 

The main reason why companies are keen on taking students for internships is because they are motivated to take on responsibility and bring in different ideas to bring value to the workplace. So this is your chance to show them you’re part of the motivated youth and you’re job ready. 

Be forward thinking and apply to a number of different companies that are applicable to your job search for an internship. Keep in mind that the interviews should be relevant to your career goal, none of the less you should widen your search with other keywords and lock in that internship. With all the research, you will be doing right before you go in for an interview is a lot of information you’ll be gathering which could be used for future references.

Youth taking on jobs at a young age develops transferable skills which they can bring into their workplace. Starting as an intern and making your way up, it certainly helps to be more established as well as make your resume more credible with relevant experience. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in a particular job, the skills you acquired from it is, what’s more, important.

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