Top 5 signs that you need a new job


1. Monday morning wake ups are bluer than ever

This is not referring to the lazy Monday morning when you wake up wanting to stay in bed but the feeling you get when you just prefer to do anything else rather than go to work. The Monday blues should disappear when you walk into work, see your mates and find out how their weekends were over a coffee. If this doesn’t happen, that should be the first warning sign that you aren’t happy at work. 

2. All you think about is finding a new job

Remember walking in the city during lunch time and wondering how everyone else looked so happy. First, obviously because it’s lunch time and also because they don’t detest the day they’ve had at work. When you’re browsing the internet and open a new tabs to look for available vacancies, that is a clear indication that you need to start the application process.

3. You can’t stop complaining to your partner and friends about your work

Every meet and greet involves talking about how much you hate your life because of your job. Don’t be a downer and get over it by starting to look for other opportunities. Remember that when one door closes another door opens. When talking to your friends or partner you might find that you come across opportunities that they are aware of.

4. You feel emotionally down and start getting unwell or there is change in eating habits

Have you been feeling under the weather and binge eating lately? This is not a healthy habit! Start making the change today by starting your new job search. Sometimes just a little change can make a big difference and especially when it comes to your health, it’s must!

5. You don’t feel like doing any of the work set out in front of you

The head of your department has given you a list of tasks to complete over the next two days but you just can’t focus on getting them done. Why suffer? Applying for the job you want is only a click away! Don’t get stuck with doing tasks you don’t enjoy because you won’t be able to do it properly.

Fear no more, there is no need to hate what you’re doing. Hop on to and start a new journey today!

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