Goodbye old job and say hello to your new job

You’ve done a job well done, but now you feel that you should move on? Don’t feel obliged to stay at one workplace if you feel like you can’t further progress in your career. It’s time to move on and get another job. 


1.       The first step of saying goodbye

You’ve decided on your last day of work and you’re locked and loaded to get out of there. It’s not as easy as just saying bye and walking out the door, you’ve got to inform your team and boss well in advance so they could start looking for a replacement. When you send an email to your boss, make sure it’s polite, informing them of your resignation and offer that you are happy to help train the new employee so that there won’t be a gap in work once you leave. Leading on from this, you will have to follow up with a face-to-face meeting with your boss.

2.       The hardest part of the goodbye

The face-to-face goodbye is quite easy when you’re mentally prepared for it but when you actually have face the music, it’s so much harder. Not knowing how your boss will act if he/she will be happy or worried because you were a good asset to the company. Be strong and do not get swayed by emotions if they try persuade you to stay on. Tell everyone in the office the exact same story as to why you’re going to be doing after you leave so that you don’t get your stories mixed up. Remember keep it professional and respectful and you’ll be able to leave with your head held up high.

3.       The final goodbye

It’s easy to check out when you know you’re leaving but remember to be as helpful as you can as because you deserve to leave knowing that you always gave your best, even to the end.  Giving the newbie all the tools you can to make sure that they rock the job once you’ve left and shows that you respect your workplace. Be friendly and ask to stay in touch with the team because there is nothing better than bumping into an old work friend and chatting about the good old days. 


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