Interview 101

How do you walk into the interview room and rock it? Well, it’s very easy for me to sit here behind a computer and tell you what to do because when it comes to crunch time it’s a lot harder than it seems. 

Firstly you need to know what you’re talking about so make sure you prepare, to give yourself the best chance to land a second interview. Once you get an interview offer you need to take the time to research the company and also understand the key attributes and skills that you can bring to add value to the workplace. 

Google interview questions and start rehearsing. Sometimes the easiest questions like ‘tell me a little bit about yourself’ can be a little difficult to answer when we’re nervous. Be yourself and keep it brief, 2 minutes is long enough and try to make it interesting and engaging. 

It’s always a big tick to practise your answers with a friend so you can give yourself plenty of time to get your answers tight and concise. Remember try and be conversational and as natural as possible when you’re answering questions because everyone can see through a robot.

 Don’t be afraid to make eye contact with the interviewer, it shows confidence but don’t keep eye contact for too long, you don’t want to step into creepy territory. 

If the interview doesn’t go well or you haven’t heard anything back don’t get too down, sometimes things aren’t meant to be but that doesn’t mean you haven’t learnt from the experience. Reflect on your answers about the interview and write them down so you can identify what you need to work on for your next interview. Practice makes perfect and as Stephen Richards says so perfectly  “the true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure.”

To apply for your next job jump on, happy job hunting!

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