Returning To The Workforce

Returning to the workforce 101

It’s never too old to restart your career again so checkout our 101′s to help you kick start your new job search. 


The means of finding a job have changed over the years. Online job boards and social media are now the go to when finding employment. So you ask, how can you put your best foot forward and get back into the job market.

For a start, are you up-to-date with social media? Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram account? Many of the jobs are available online, mainly through online job boards but also through different social media platforms. If you are hesitant about the legitimacy, you could call the employer and enquire about the job, your enthusiasm will get you a few bonus points. Establish contact with job boards and find out the new trends in the employment market. This will give you guidance and help you find a job faster.

Taking some time off for studies, is a great idea. The more understanding you have of the workforce, the more connections you would have created.This could lead to even bigger opportunities. Re-entering the workforce after completing a course of studies, makes you more competent because you have the skills and experience behind you. You can now work more confidently but remember, the learning never stops. 

Your attitude also plays a major role in re-entering the workforce. Be confident and truthful, if you do not know how to complete a task, ask someone. The internet is also a great way to find the answers you need but at times trial and error works better in the learning process.

Remember to be humble in your approach in your work life even when you’re reconnecting to the workforce. Learn to go with the flow because workplaces are always evolving so it will help you to fit in better. The saying goes, old is always gold so the more you have worked, a better grasp you will have of your industry. 

Lastly, if you have been in the workforce for a long period of time and feel that you need a change, consider starting your own business or partnering with other businesses. With all the experiences you have over the years, you might be confident to go on your own. By being specialised in certain areas and focused on a few clients, you will be able to be more successful in your approach. Re-joining the workforce as an entrepreneur is much easier today as it was before. There are many companies that help with the process and business groups with similar motives who can help you be successful.

Re-entering the workforce could be intimidating in most circumstances but eventually you will feel comfortable. The trick is to never give up. Taking a gap to have kids, travel or even to start up a new company is great as it will motivate you further as you start again afresh.  

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