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Time to take your job application seriously

We’ve all been on that roller coaster ride of searching endlessly, being motivated and demotivated when applying for interviews only to be rejected. It can be a tough gig especially when things don’t go to plan. 

Time to identify two main issues on why you might not be moving forward in your application process. 


You’ve applied for a job without the skills and credentials they require

Remember when you sit down to read the job description and it just sounds too good not to apply? Yes, we don’t always have the skills necessary to work in that position so why does one apply and get upset when we don’t receive an interview offer?

Here’s why, it’s important to be specific when applying for jobs, you should only be applying for jobs that you’re qualified and have the required skills for the position especially if they are a mandatory requirement. 

Rejection hurts so why put yourself in the firing line, it can put a stand still to us applying for more jobs which prolongs your time at a workplace you dislike or alternatively keep you jobless.

Apply for the jobs you have experience in and skills for. If you’re lacking these then it might be a great idea to enroll in a course to freshen up your CV, which will give you the best opportunity to find a job. 

You think that instructions don’t relate to you when applying for a job

If the prospective employer has requested that you write a cover letter, upload your education certificates or write an expression of interest including your relevant right experience and skills for the job, I would encourage you to follow these instructions in order to have the best opportunity in getting an interview. 

If you fail to enter a required field or comply to instructions in completing your job application, it’s not likely you’ll even get a template rejection letter.

Again, rejection hurts, take the time  to read the instructions and the requirements, put some effort into filling out your application and be sure that you’ve given yourself a great chance in getting that opportunity. 

The next time you sit down and start applying for jobs make sure you target your job application, follow the instructions, fill out all the required fields, proofread and be on-point with spell check because it’s worth the time and your next job is just one click, an interview and a contract away. 

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