Interviews And Body Language

5 body language tips to nail that interview

In an interview, what you say is critical. But at the same time, your body language will be telling a story of its own. Here are 5 tips to help you send the right message:

1. Master the handshake
A firm grip shows confidence. Look into the person’s eyes and keep it to two or three small shakes. 


2. Sit tall
Sit tall against the chair to signal confidence. It can help to pretend that there’s a piece of string pulling you up from the crown of your head. 

3. Keep your palms facing up 
This trick is a psychological hack to gain trust. When your palms are up, it signals honesty. This is one of the reasons we shake hands - to show the open palm.

4. Nod your head while listening
Nodding your head in understanding is a way to display that you’re agreeing with and following what the other person is saying. Don’t overdo it, but do nod occasionally to show that you’re attentive. 

5. Watch what your interview is doing
More often than not, people mirror each other subconsciously. It’s a way of building a bond, and if you’re conscious of what another person is doing, you can subtly mirror their body language to help generate a feeling of mutual understanding. 

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