Flash Back

Flash back

When you remember the very first email address you made when you were 10, you cringe at how lame you were. This also translates in our career life as you look back on your very first job interview and wonder what you were thinking when you answered questions so badly.


Let’s walk down memory lane and see how we could have done things a little differently.

Information about the company                                                                        

Researching the company you are about to be interviewed by is a great start and it will help you get better understanding of what they do. Knowing all the little facts and figures about how the long the company has been around isn’t that big of a deal. 

Wondering how you could have researched better? Apply your skills to a mission statement, show the interviewer why they need you. They are already well aware of information about their company, confidently tell them how you would be a useful asset and bring value to them day to day.  

Presenting yourself on paper                                                                           

Making sure you CV is up-to-date at any part of your career is a golden rule. Back in the day, your objective and goal would have been different to now as you’ve grown and had experiences in the workforce. Take the time to make sure you update your CV so it reflects who you are and your current goals because if you don’t you’re likely not to pass the application process. 

When you have a second chance to make yourself look better, seize it and make the next person who interviews you will be impressed!

Using the right approach                                                                                  

Finding your first job is a little difficult but with all the resources available now, hitting the pavement and handing in CV’s into local business’s isn’t the only option to apply for jobs. Online job boards offer you the convenience of finding a job in your preferred profession and location, it will make finding a job less tedious and stressful. Since you now have a better understanding of the job you want unlike your decisive self a few years back, you can research and apply yourself constructively.  

Let go of the past and use your experiences to help shape the pathway to your future plight to finding your next job in a better and easier way.

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