Don't Be A Let Down

Don’t be a let down

Reliability doesn’t get much air time but it’s a characteristic that makes people trust you. As you gain more experience at work, you will be given more responsibilities and whenever these opportunities come along, grab them and prove that you are reliable.


Let’s look at a few ways that you could use this characteristic in the workforce.

1.   Keeping to your word

Promises are meant to be kept not broken. If you promise your colleague that you will assist them with a task, don’t let them down. The more reliable you are, the more your co-workers will trust you and respect you.

 2.   Don’t leave people hanging

If you’ve swamped with work but you’ve given your word to a colleague, don’t feel bad to tell them that you’re unable to help them but don’t leave this to the last minute because it’s not considerate to leave them hanging. This is a terrible habit to adapt at work as it could harm your relationship with your work mates.

 3.   Have a consistent rhythm in work

Every song has a rhythm that an artist creates, adopt this technique in your work and schedule your days to create consistency. Once you have a routine to work around, you will find that you have more time to complete tasks and even take on more responsibilities.

 4.   Honesty

It starts with pulling a little sickie every now and then but eventually leads to bad habits. If you’re unhappy about your work and are honest about it, your colleagues can help you feel better or your boss could change your tasks around but if that doesn’t change you’ll need to be honest with yourself and see if the job is really for you.

 5.   Punctuality

If your watch stops working, hello you have a smartphone so no getting away with it! Don’t make up excuses about consistently being late, be responsible and set your alarm earlier to give you enough time to get ready to get to work.

Be happy at your job and work on the 5 tips above to make your career life a happier one.

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