A letter to job seekers about personal branding

Dear Job Seeker,

When I mention names such as Steve Jobs, Bill gates or Mahatma Gandhi do they ring a bell? Yes, that’s because they have created a personal brand for themselves and everyone can identify with them. I want you to take this and make it your mantra.

It doesn’t take that long to create an identity for yourself but it takes hard work to make sure it’s good enough. I’m looking for someone who believes in themselves and know they can definitely add value to their business.

Take what you’re passionate about finding out all you can about the topic. If you are interested in charities and want to work in marketing, there are tons of charities out there who need help to make a difference and change people’s lives. Make us understand how capable and determined you are and willing to try all possibilities to achieve your goals. 

You’ve been working on your skills and have made a portfolio? Send it across, we’d love to see how confident and talented you are. We can help you develop your skills further through training, but the effort should be emphasized from you and you should make your personal brand shine. 

Lastly, if you’ve got your personal brand on point, is it visible? Have you created your online presence and could I have a look at it? I’d love to see that your profile pictures on Facebook are appropriate and that you have a LinkedIn account with all the relevant work experiences listed on it.

So, Job Seeker wow us with your personal brand and keep believing in yourself to reach your highest goal in life. With a can-do, hard work and responsible attitude, there is nothing you can’t achieve. 


Your potential employers

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