Tips for your first day at work

The first day of a new job is always a little nerve wrecking, but you can make it the best first day by being open, focused and positive. 


The worst possible move is rocking up late for your first day on the job so be sure to set your alarm and catch the early train, it’s better to be early enough to get a coffee than run in late sweaty and nervous. The way you handle yourself creates your personal brand, so make sure you attend all meetings, respond to emails, adhere to deadlines and dress appropriately. Make friends with all your co-workers whilst taking their advice into consideration and don’t think you need to overshare your life story to make friends.

Don’t go around with anxiety pasted on your forehead! Starting a new job is exciting, be on par with the energy and pace with the rest of the office environment. Play by the rules this time with the 80-20 % rule. Use 80% of your time inquiring and being enthusiastic about how the office goes on with their daily activities and the other 20% to show everyone how you are dedicated and hardworking you are by working and figuring out things on your own. Don’t be arrogant or too proud of yourself, you want everyone to get along with your new colleagues.  

As soon you hear that you’ve got the job, put on your FBI badge and try find out everything you can before you walk in the door on your first day. By knowing a little background information about the company and how they rolled in the past could be great conversation starters. The way in which people behave in a company and how they engage with each other is a great way of judging the company culture. Keep your eyes wide open, your ears up and your brain on attentive mode.

First days will always be a little hard because you don’t know what to expect, keep positive and open to your new environment because it will feel like home soon enough. 

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