Do you wak the walk and talk the talk?

When you look in a mirror and see yourself as a well dressed mindful person, project those qualities as best you can in the employment space. You don’t know how important dressing well and using appropriate language can make a big impact in the eyes of your employer or potential employers. 


Your appearance matters more than you know 

Sometimes getting dressed in the morning can be a big effort especially on a Monday after a big weekend. It’s always a great idea to have your clothes prepared the night before so if you’re running late you have enough time to get dressed and start your day with your front foot forward. There is nothing worse than coming to work in all the wrong clothes and feeling flustered and awkward for the day. 

Dressing appropriately is key when it comes to the workplace, especially if you’re in an office environment. You should always follow the company dress code even if it’s casual Friday, yes it’s meant to be casual but please don’t wear the same outfit that you will be clubbing in later that night.

The language you use

Don’t jump the gun and think before you speak. Using slang maybe cool with your friends but remember that you need to keep it professional with your colleagues so swearing is off the table. 

If you get frustrated with some of the people you work with, don’t blow up in their face, if you have an issue that needs to be addressed then take 5 minutes to calm down and once you have cooled off have a discussion. Aggression should never enter the workplace and if you continue to have issues with a colleague in the workplace then flag this with you superior so that they can work this through with you.

Remember when it comes to your presentation you should always try to represent yourself the best to your ability. Be the person you admire and look up to, you’ll be happier and shine in the workplace. 

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