It's qualifications and experience o'clock

The clocks ticking and you still haven’t received a call for an interview? Sending your CV out to a hundred employers, hoping for one call back is actually asking a lot these days.


A growing concern in Australia is that people are being classified as “over qualified”.

The reason behind this is because individuals are so excited to get a taste of the real world that they forget how difficult is to get a desired job with the expectations companies have today. This causes them to change their minds and continue studying to meet those expectations.

In order to overcome this problem, the key is to start getting experience early on. There are plenty of internships available as well as casual work that you should tap in to which you can eventually list on your CV, making it impressive. Even a part time job at KFC helps you develop the skills such as team-work, responsibility and customer service skills which are transferable that you could use at any point of your career.

No job is a bad job and unless you’re willing to put in that little extra effort to get some experience before applying for your desired job, it’s going to be a lot hard than you expected.

Only if you’re unable to get a job at all, and you really want to further your skills without wasting time, take on a short course of studies. Although it’s great to have added qualifications on your CV, you’ve got to complete them within a reasonable timeframe to be able to get a job. Many companies offer and encourage employees to take on a short course to enhance skills set which you will have to take on at some point of your career.

Adding to your skills set will always be a possibility at any time during your career but getting a job is going to be difficult. Don’t wait to finish all your studies to get cracking on those job applications. Jump on to and start applying. 

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