Interview Small Talk

Interview small talk

Often when you go in for an interview you’re confronted with keeping up small talk with your interviewers. Instead of sticking to the standard questions about the weather or how your trip in was, take the lead and talk about something creative, this way you can start the interview off with a bang! 


Here are 3 topics that can help ease conversation into the interview:

1. A news article relevant to the company

When preparing for your interview, you will be doing lots of research about the company and their environment. Whilst doing this, you will most likely come across different news articles pertaining to the industry. Taking initiative and showing you are already knowledge about their business, the interviewer will definitely be impressed. Have your opinion on the matter but try not to get into too much of a discussion and detract from the interview. Keep the discussion short and simple!     

2. Your favourite local hot spot                                                                          

Briefly, mention your favourite coffee shop or restaurant nearby, the conversation could take off in many different directions from this point. This will give you some time to get comfortable and get rid of your nervous jitters before you start your interview.                                                         

3. How the interviewer’s day has been                                                             

Ask the interviewer if they’ve had a busy day or, if your interview is on a Monday, you could ask them how their weekend was.  By asking the interviewer about themselves, you can learn a little bit more about them and how to tailor the rest of the interview. If you’re interested in similar activities, that could be a good common ground for a successful interview.

As a friendly reminder, try your best not to pull out your phone to try to look busy while your interviewer is getting prepared, be present because your friends, family and social media can wait. Be original, be yourself and you’ll be remembered!

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