2016 is the year of reverse recruiting....

2016 is the year of SpotTalent


2016 is here and time conscious recruiters are already feeling the pressures to fill positions quickly and effectively. Technology innovations have changed the behaviour of Job seekers enabling them to search and apply for jobs on their mobile or tablet devices anywhere at any time. Traditional recruiting methods have become a thing of the past and recruiters and businesses need to evolve with Job seekers.

Online job boards now make it easier to post job ads, manage shortlists and allows you to reach targeted candidates so you can fill positions on time. The introduction of SpotTalent allows recruiters and businesses to search over 900k registered Job seekers and matches the most suitable candidates based on location, experience and qualifications. SpotTalent allows you to reach quality candidates - instantly.

SpotTalent allows you to connect with passive candidates, growing your talent pool database. SpotTalent is based on a credit system and allows you to send messages to candidates without an active job ad which enables you to recruit talent for multiple roles.

Start recruiting talent and activate SpotTalent today. 

For more information about SpotTalent contact us on 131 121 or because we’re here to help you find the talent you need.

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