How to launch your job search

How to launch your job search


For those who have been born into Generation Y or Z, we’ve been lucky enough to have the ever-evolving perks of technology, allowing us to access to the world at our fingertips. Mobile devices have become an extension of us, from connecting on social media platforms to requesting an Uber at the click of a button. Our lives are fast-paced, information savvy and that’s what we have come to expect - but every yin has a yang and, in this case, the youth of Australia have been facing a downward trend in employment for the past seven years. Australia is experiencing unemployment at a record of six per cent with youth employment at 16.1 per cent in the age group of 15-24 years. 

Organisations such as Jobactive, Fingerprint Me - and the RCSA Job Charter have created programs to help youth become job-ready, and others provide opportunities for employment. SpotJobs advertises entry-level to mid-level positions and is one of Australia’s largest go-to online job boards for youth to start their job search. 

After the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, a downward trend in youth employment created a change that still echoes in the employment market today-meaning that the getting employed is more competitive than it has ever been. Employers and recruiters have a core focus on hiring quality candidates who have previous experience that highlight transferable skills. This change in hiring has created a problem of a shortage of skilled candidates in the workforce. 

It’s imperative for Job seekers today to invest time into getting work experience which can vary from entry-level positions through to volunteer roles or internships. Work experience helps you develop great skills, and there is no absolutely no limit to the number of opportunities you can partake in to help you move forward in your job search.  

A key aspect of applying for jobs is to make sure that you’re applying for roles that you’re qualified to do. We all fall into the trap of looking at a job and thinking it’s cool, but we don’t actually have the skills and get really disheartened if we’re not successful. It’s also really important that you complete your resume and Visual CV-if you’re unsure how to write one, SpotJobs a personal and confidential mentoring program to get job-ready! If you’re interested, sign-up today because places are limited.   

Job hunting can be a difficult journey to navigate. If you take up an opportunity to get more skills and experience behind you and continue to update your CV, you’ll put your best foot forward for the right job. 

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