Forklift Operator


Forklift operators drive forklifts to shift and stack bales, cartons, containers, crates and pallets of goods in areas such as timber yards and warehouses. They may also move shipping containers on the waterfront.

Duties & Tasks

Forklift operators may perform the following tasks:

  • lift, stack and unstack articles and materials using diesel, electric, gas or petrol powered trucks equipped with fork attachments
  • move raw materials and finished goods to processing or dispatch areas of factories
  • ensure goods are stored in the correct area of a warehouse so they may be located easily when making up orders
  • load transport vehicles, ensuring loads are evenly and securely placed
  • service and make minor adjustments to the forklift
  • keep a record of daily operations.

Working Conditions

Forklift operators work indoors and outdoors. They may be required to work shifts and may have some contact with the public.

Personal Requirements

  • enjoy practical and manual activities
  • able to judge distances
  • safety-conscious
  • good hearing and eyesight (may be corrected)
  • meet appropriate age restrictions.


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