Porters carry luggage for guests in hotels and motels, and for passengers in transport terminals. They also show guests to their rooms, berths or cabins, and provide other guest services.

Duties & Tasks

Porters may perform the following tasks:

  • take baggage, tag it and give identification slips to guests or passengers
  • load or unload luggage and take it to the receiving area
  • carry luggage and show incoming guests to rooms
  • explain details of hotel room services and facilities to guests as they arrive
  • provide maps and organise taxis and transportation for guests
  • carry the luggage of departing guests to cars, buses or taxis
  • talk with transport carriers to make travel arrangements and retrieve lost luggage
  • page guests and run errands
  • park and retrieve guest vehicles
  • maintain cleanliness and appearance of the front of house area.



A concierge organises and books tours, transport and entertainment for guests, and provides them with information and maps for the local area. A concierge also assists guests and staff with safety and emergency procedures.

Working Conditions

Porters generally work shifts and have a high level of contact with the public, often working with large tour groups. Employers usually provide uniforms and some employers will provide meals to on-duty staff.

Personal Requirements

  • enjoy working with people
  • neat personal appearance
  • alert and perceptive
  • good interpersonal skills
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • able to communicate effectively in English
  • good knowledge of the local area.
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