Delivery Driver


Delivery drivers use light vans, cars, utilities, motorcycles, scooters or bicycles to pick up and deliver goods, usually over short distances.

Duties & Tasks

Delivery drivers may perform the following tasks:

  • drive the vehicle into position for loading or unloading
  • assist with loading or unloading to make sure goods are correctly stowed
  • check loading documents
  • plan the shortest delivery route and drive the vehicle to the destination
  • use a two-way radio, or other electronic device, to keep in contact with the depot or base
  • complete paperwork and use a handheld scanning device
  • arrange unloading and obtain a receipt for goods delivered
  • handle cash and give correct change to customers
  • provide customer service and advice
  • report vehicle maintenance needs
  • hand-deliver goods.

Working Conditions

Some delivery drivers are employed on a subcontract basis and provide their own vehicles. Motorcycle and bicycle couriers nearly always provide their own transport. Some delivery drivers wear a uniform.

Personal Requirements

  • trustworthy and reliable
  • able to gain a thorough knowledge of city and suburban streets
  • good communication skills and some mathematical ability
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • safe driving skills.
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