A Little Guide To Using This Space

We thought that having a communal discussion board would be beneficial so you can now connect with other job seekers in a similar position! Share tips, give advice, ask for help etc.

You will firstly be prompted to create a SpotJobs Help Center account in 2 simple steps. (If not, simply click on the sign up button on the top right) You will then be able to sign in and access all the help you need! Remember, for confidentiality purposes use a nickname as your User Name to protect your privacy

To start a thread, read through previous posts or simply engage with other individuals - head back over to the main page - scroll down to our community feed and click on browse! 


Once you are in there, search through the selection of topics to find which describes you best, then read through previous posts, or click on New Post to begin a topic of your own! 

Click here to enter our community space!

Please be respectful as these posts will be monitored and deleted if inappropriate. Disrespectful users will be suspended from the community! 


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