Data and Telecommunications Cable Worker


Data and telecommunications cable workers are involved in the installation and maintenance of data and telecommunications cables, which may be located in underground pipes, trenches or overhead systems. They usually work with either copper or fibre optic cables and specialise in a particular procedure or area of expertise.

Duties & Tasks

Data and telecommunications cable workers may perform the following tasks:

  • install, join or splice metallic and fibre-optic cables
  • perform relevant cable tests to ensure joints and fibre splices comply with site and manufacturer specifications and relevant legislation
  • install underground and aerial lead-in cables
  • install above-ground equipment enclosures
  • fix cable faults
  • perform fault clearance
  • tag cables for future identification.


Broadband Fibre Splicer

A broadband fibre splicer joins, terminates, splices, tests and repairs fibre-optic cables and installs optical splitters.

Broadband Network Installer

A broadband network installer installs and maintains network termination and connection devices and points of entry (known as service drops) on customer premises.

Telecommunications Linesworker

A telecommunications linesworker installs, maintains and hauls fibre-optic cables in container pipes or conduits placed in specially created underground pits or trenches.

Working Conditions

Data and telecommunications cable workers may work indoors and outdoors, sometimes in cramped conditions or at heights. They often work as part of a team. Some telecommunications cable workers are involved in installing equipment on customer premises and need to maintain good relations with property owners, tenants and authorities.

Personal Requirements

  • enjoy practical work
  • normal eyesight and colour vision
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • good hand-eye coordination
  • safety-conscious
  • able to work at heights and in confined spaces
  • good communication skills.
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