Contact Centre Operator


Contact centre operators answer customer enquiries about products and services and promote an organisation's goods and services through various channels, including telephone, SMS and email.

Duties & Tasks

Contact centre operators may perform the following tasks:

  • answer incoming calls and assist customers with their enquiries
  • make outbound sales and research calls
  • create further interest in the company's services by inviting customers to use the services and products offered
  • provide a high level of personalised customer service
  • update databases with changes to the details and status of each customer or prospective customer
  • arrange the distribution of products, information kits or brochures to clients and interested parties
  • follow up client calls with clerical duties, including faxing, filling out paperwork, conducting credit reference checks and liaising with other departments.

Working Conditions

Contact centre operators can work in contract call centres (a call centre that does work for other organisations), for a utility (water or energy organisation), for an internal centre within an organisation or on help desks in a variety of industries. Given the diversity of the sectors using contact centre operators, duties undertaken can be as varied as credit management, billing enquiries or sales.

Contact centre operators are employed on a full-time, part-time or casual basis and may be required to work shifts, which may include weekends. Some centres allow staff to work from home.

Personal Requirements

  • excellent communication skills
  • pleasant and friendly manner
  • enjoy talking to people
  • aptitude for working with computers
  • high level of motivation
  • able to work as part of a team
  • able to work quickly and accurately.
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