Copywriters interpret how a potential market will react to an advertising proposal, and write material to advertise products or services.

Duties & Tasks

Copywriters may perform the following tasks:

  • study products or services to decide the main selling features
  • assist art directors to create ideas for advertising and promotion, often thinking up names for products and slogans that appear on packaging and other promotional material
  • plan and write promotional material that will appeal to the people most likely to buy the product, and submit copy for approval
  • write advertisements for newspapers, magazines, radio, television, cinema screens, billboards, catalogues, displays, websites, blogs and social media
  • write brochures, annual reports, documents, speeches and other sales and promotional material
  • discuss theme, style and length of copy with advertisers or management to determine the most suitable approach.

Personal Requirements

  • an observant and inquisitive approach to people, their environment and what motivates them
  • creativity and originality
  • able to analyse a situation quickly
  • able to pick out relevant facts and emphasise them
  • able to write clearly
  • good concentration
  • technical ability when writing for all forms of media
  • good time-management skills and able to work under pressure.
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