Food Process Worker


Food process workers operate machines and prepare foods for processing using a wide range of equipment and methods.

Duties & Tasks

Food process workers may perform the following tasks:

  • receive, check and store raw materials
  • operate conveyor and processing equipment
  • take samples and check products for dispatch
  • check boxes or bins of fruit and vegetables as they are delivered and organise weighing and storage
  • prepare and sort fruit and vegetables for processing and feed them into machines
  • handle live or slaughtered poultry and prepare for cooking or further processing
  • operate machinery for chemical treating, size grading, crushing, extracting juice, mixing, freezing and drying foods
  • operate machinery to blend flour, meal and feed
  • sterilise equipment and keep processing areas clean.


Brewery Worker

A brewery worker produces, tests, packages, stores and dispatches beer in kegs, bottles and cans.

Dairy Process Worker

A dairy process worker operates a wide range of mechanical equipment, often from a sophisticated control room, to produce dairy products such as cheese, butter, milk powder, yoghurt, fresh milk and cream.

Fruit and Vegetable Process Worker

A fruit and vegetable process worker operates equipment to prepare canned and frozen fruit and vegetables, sauces, jams and fruit juices using a wide range of methods.

Margarine and Edible Oils Process Worker

A margarine and edible oils process worker operates equipment to blend ingredients for margarine and other edible oil products.

Pet Food Processing Machine Operator

A pet food processing machine operator operates equipment to manufacture pet food.

Pharmaceuticals Production Machine Operator

A pharmaceuticals production machine operator operates equipment to produce pharmaceutical products such as pain relievers, first aid dressings, cosmetics and toiletries.

Poultry Processor

A poultry processor slaughters, dresses, cuts, trims, prepares and packs poultry.

Soft Drink and Syrup Making Machine Operator

A soft drink and syrup making machine operator operates equipment to produce syrups, fruit juices and soft drinks.

Tea and Coffee Processing Machine Operator

A tea and coffee processing machine operator assists in the processing of tea and roasted, ground and instant coffee.

Working Conditions

If involved in the storage and conservation of grain, food process workers may take samples of grain for analysis, keep records of silo stocks and sew bags using industrial sewing machines.

Those involved in grain mill work do a lot of lifting, pushing and dragging. Conditions may be dusty, noisy, hot or cold depending on the processes being carried out.

Personal Requirements

  • good communication skills
  • enjoy practical work
  • high standard of personal cleanliness
  • aptitude for technical activities
  • attention to detail
  • good hand-eye coordination
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • no skin allergies or chest complaints.
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