Training Officer


Training officers plan, develop, implement and evaluate training and development programmes in organisations.

Duties & Tasks

Training officers may perform the following tasks:

  • coordinate a staff training programme based on organisational and employee needs
  • use questionnaires and surveys in consultation with managers and staff to analyse training needs as they relate to the goals of the organisation and work area
  • compile training manuals
  • develop training resources, which may involve preparing notes and visual displays from researched information or their own knowledge
  • arrange or conduct training courses, which may involve demonstrating equipment, operating video recorders and cameras, leading group discussions or role-playing activities and employing experts to run sessions
  • evaluate the effectiveness of training programmes using surveys, questionnaires, interviews and by observation, in order to plan future courses or to amend existing ones
  • obtain information on work-related external courses, prepare reports on their suitability and make recommendations on staff attendance at training courses
  • prepare, administer and conduct training assessments
  • provide career development sessions for existing staff and conduct induction sessions for new employees
  • assist in developing training interventions to meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders
  • support learners during training interventions
  • maintain learner outcomes in a Learning Management System.

Working Conditions

Training officers instruct staff and management in many areas including occupational health and safety, operating plant machinery and equipment, driving, industrial relations, preparing for retirement, general clerical duties and supervisory skills.

Personal Requirements

  • able to take initiative
  • tactful and mature
  • aptitude for research
  • good organisational skills
  • excellent communication and presentation skills.
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