Actors portray roles in live and recorded or filmed productions. In the live performance area, an actor may perform in theatre, opera or variety. In the recorded medium, an actor may perform roles in theatre, film, radio, television, commercials, webisodes, mobisodes or other material distributed online.

Duties & Tasks

Actors may perform the following tasks:

  • study scripts, learn a part and interpret the role through speech, gesture and various other performance skills
  • attend auditions for parts in productions, performing prepared or improvised pieces
  • rehearse parts by memorising lines, cues and movements
  • undertake extensive research for certain roles and productions
  • under the guidance of a director, act the part of a film, television, stage or radio character in front of live audiences, cameras or microphones
  • attend costume fittings
  • sing and dance when a script or role requires it.

Working Conditions

Actors need a great deal of patience and commitment, as most productions require long rehearsal schedules and many hours of memorising lines outside the rehearsal periods.

Personal Requirements

  • determination
  • self-confidence
  • good memory
  • stamina to perform at peak level
  • ability to cope with changing situations.
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