Media Presenter


Media presenters deliver a variety of radio, television and live programmes, including all music formats, music and chat programmes, interview and talkback programmes, news bulletins and sports programmes. They may also present rock and classical music concerts that are broadcast live to air, and pre-recorded programmes such as documentary and music specials.

Duties & Tasks

Media presenters may perform the following tasks:

  • announce programmes, music and entertainment items
  • read commercials, both live and pre-recorded
  • read news bulletins
  • provide station identification, time, weather and community announcements
  • introduce live performances
  • conduct interviews and host talkback programmes
  • make live action commentary on sporting events, politics, and social and economic matters
  • work off-camera in television announcing programmes
  • host panel shows and live variety shows
  • interview personalities at special events, or in studios for live or taped broadcasts
  • introduce performers and host special events
  • write their own scripts.

Working Conditions

Media presenters may be required to work irregular hours, including weekends. On-camera presenters need to be well groomed. Specialist presenters, such as sports and political commentators, should have a solid knowledge of the subject they are presenting.

Personal Requirements

  • clear speaking voice with good command of English
  • broad general knowledge
  • interest in current affairs and/or music
  • technical ability to operate broadcasting equipment
  • able to work under pressure
  • good communication skills
  • willing to work in country areas.
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