Film and Television Editor


Film and television editors edit and assemble films and videos from raw, unedited footage ('dailies' or 'rushes'), taking into account the mood, pace and climax of films or television productions.

Duties & Tasks

Film and television editors may perform the following tasks:

  • view processed film and video with production personnel to analyse, evaluate and select scenes and to decide which scenes need to be improved or reshot
  • trim film and copy video segments to specific lengths, arranging and joining them in sequence as a final product or for inclusion within a subsequent broadcast or longer production
  • import, compile and render digital audio and visual footage on a computer to enable the content to be presented with maximum effect
  • select and incorporate visual effects and transitions for maximum effect
  • select stock shots from a film library and edit and incorporate them into film or video.

Working Conditions

There is often a need to work long or irregular hours. Work may need to be carried out on location.

Personal Requirements

  • artistic flair and interest in visual media
  • patience
  • attention to detail
  • able to work as part of a team
  • able to take direction
  • lateral thinking.
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