Security System Technician


Security system technicians fit and repair security systems in homes and businesses.

Duties & Tasks

Security system technicians may perform the following tasks:

  • inspect sites and talk to clients to determine security requirements
  • provide estimates to clients for installation of equipment
  • route cables through roof spaces, cavity walls and support structures and position and terminate cables, wires and strappings
  • mount, position, calibrate, programme and label all items of equipment
  • test equipment and diagnose faults
  • make connections to telephone lines for alarm monitoring
  • maintain and adhere to operational procedures and complete appropriate documentation
  • be responsible for assigned tools, plant and test equipment
  • survey the workplace and complete a safety work method statement prior to commencement.


Security Adviser

A security adviser assesses risks and advises clients on security requirements, and designs and recommends security systems to meet security requirements. Security advisers may also conduct surveillance and make recommendations to improve security measures.

Working Conditions

Security system technicians must develop a knowledge of the range of security equipment, including electronic and electrical surveillance systems and closed-circuit television (CCTV), as well as knowledge of simple electronic principles and terminating techniques. They must also understand the principles of operation and characteristics of controllers, detectors, relays, sirens, screamers and telephone circuits.

Personal Requirements

  • enjoy practical and manual activities
  • normal colour vision and eyesight (may be corrected)
  • good communication and interpersonal skills
  • aptitude for technical activities.
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