Audiovisual Technician


Audiovisual technicians operate the equipment used in the development and delivery of audiovisual presentations.

Duties & Tasks

Audiovisual technicians may perform the following tasks:

  • assist recording production engineers, educators and programme producers and presenters to produce sound, vision and multimedia products such as television and film productions, CDs, DVDs and video sequences
  • design, assemble, operate and maintain sound and vision recording, mixing and production equipment.

Working Conditions

Audiovisual technicians work in workshops, production studios and at other locations where audiovisual presentations are delivered, such as lecture theatres and conference venues. They are also employed at live events such as concerts, festivals, sporting events and entertainment venues.

Personal Requirements

  • interested in electronic sound and vision production, and recording equipment
  • enjoy communicating information
  • normal eyesight and colour vision
  • good technical ability.
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