Retail Buyer


Retail buyers purchase goods to be sold in retail stores. They may purchase goods locally, interstate or overseas.

Duties & Tasks

Retail buyers may perform the following tasks:

  • obtain information from store executives, salespeople and sales records data about stock levels and fast-moving and slow-moving goods
  • consider which goods will sell well in particular locations and what prices customers are prepared to pay
  • research customer demands and trends by processing store sales and inventory reports
  • manage and analyse stock levels and order points using computers and statistics
  • try to anticipate changes in customer demand for particular goods, as goods must be purchased well before their sale to customers
  • inspect, compare and select goods at manufacturers' or agents' premises
  • contact suppliers to replenish stocks
  • be aware of relevant legal information such as consumer rights and store licensing
  • communicate frequently with store management to discuss planning, budgeting, sales promotions and advertising campaigns
  • attend trade fairs and other displays interstate and overseas to obtain information about the range of products available.

Working Conditions

In small businesses, owners normally do their own retail buying after consultation with their staff.

Personal Requirements

  • enjoy clerical and administrative activities
  • strong analytical skills
  • knowledgeable and interested in the retail market
  • good communication skills
  • good negotiation skills
  • good planning and organisational skills
  • good with numbers
  • willing to travel.
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