Roofers cover houses and other structures with roof tiles, slates, shingles or steel sheeting to form waterproof and durable surfaces.

Duties & Tasks

Roofers may perform the following tasks:

  • examine drawings, specifications and worksites to determine materials required
  • assess risks
  • erect ladders and tile elevators
  • erect and dismantle restricted-height scaffolding
  • place roofing underlays over eaves and secure them by nailing or stapling these to roofs
  • correctly space and nail wooden strips (battens) across the roof rafters on which the tiles or other roofing material will be placed
  • measure and cut roofing material to fit around vents, chimney edges and the hips and valleys of the roof
  • fix roof flashings (weatherproof covering)
  • fix the ridge caps and gable ends with cement mortar or tech screws
  • apply protective paint coating systems
  • clear the roof of debris upon job completion.

Working Conditions

Roofers' work involves a lot of bending, climbing and lifting. They work outdoors, at heights and in all weather conditions.

Personal Requirements

  • enjoy practical and manual activities
  • good sense of balance
  • good hand-eye coordination
  • willing to work at heights and outdoors.
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