Hairdressers cut, style, colour, straighten and permanently wave hair and provide clients with hair and scalp treatments.

In most salons, the senior hairdressers and the more advanced apprentices cut and style hair. Apprentice hairdressers undertake routine tasks in the initial stages of employment, assisting senior hairdressers with preparing clients, shampooing, applying and removing simple hairdressing treatments, and sterilising and maintaining equipment. As apprentices gain experience they carry out more complex tasks under supervision.

Duties & Tasks

Hairdressers may perform the following tasks:

  • talk to clients about their requirements
  • cut hair using clippers, scissors or razors
  • shampoo, condition and rinse hair
  • provide services such as colouring, bleaching, applying treatment, permanent waving (with chemical solutions), straightening and tinting
  • dry hair and style it using brushes, combs, straightening irons and other equipment
  • shave and trim beards and moustaches
  • advise clients on hair care
  • block (shape), clean, colour, adjust, curl and cut wigs and hairpieces
  • attend hairdressing seminars and training in order to keep up to date with new products and techniques
  • operate a cash register and computer
  • perform reception duties such as answering telephone calls and making appointments
  • sell retail products
  • maintain client records
  • clean the salon, work areas and equipment.

Working Conditions

Hairdressers may be employed in women's, men's or unisex salons. They spend most of the day on their feet and are usually required to work staggered shifts to fit in with salon business hours. They have a high level of public contact, so they need to be well presented.

Personal Requirements

  • no allergies to hair products
  • pleasant personality
  • good communication skills
  • able to work under pressure
  • good hand-eye coordination
  • patient
  • some creative flair
  • attention to detail
  • able and willing to follow instructions.
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