Confectioners mix, shape and cook sweeteners and other ingredients to produce confectionery, including chocolate, toffee and other lollies.

Duties & Tasks

Confectioners may perform the following tasks:

  • examine production schedules to determine confectionery types and quantities to be made
  • check the cleanliness and operation of equipment before beginning production
  • weigh, measure, mix, dissolve and boil ingredients in pans
  • operate equipment that refines and tempers chocolate
  • assist with coating chocolate bars and preparing chocolate products
  • control temperature and pressure in cookers used to make boiled sweets, starch-moulded products, caramels, toffees, nougat and chocolate centres
  • operate equipment to compress sugar mixes into sweets
  • check batch consistency using a stainless steel spatula or measuring equipment such as a refractometer
  • sort and inspect finished or partly finished products.

Working Conditions

Most confectioners work full time. Senior confectioners provide on-the-job training to junior employees and coordinate work in a team environment.

Personal Requirements

  • enjoy practical and manual activities
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • neat and clean
  • enjoy working in a team.
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