Education Aide


Education aides assist teachers with the supervision and support of students and the delivery of learning programmes. They also provide support and assistance to students with special needs, including those with physical or intellectual disabilities, or behavioural issues.

Duties & Tasks

Education aides may perform the following tasks:

  • assist and participate in activities that improve the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of children in schools and preschool centres
  • prepare indoor or outdoor areas for learning or recreational activities
  • assist children with intellectual, physical and behavioural difficulties with their academic studies
  • assist students with physical challenges by lifting, positioning and exercising, and transferring them to or from transportation
  • assist with personal hygiene, toileting and feeding requirements as required by each individual student
  • undertake specific therapy tasks with individual students under the guidance of the teacher or nominated professional
  • assist students with intellectual disabilities with the use of learning aids
  • assist children individually to learn social skills
  • assist with the preparation of teaching materials, copying and collating written or printed material
  • distribute and collect lesson material.


Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Education Worker

An aboriginal/torres strait islander education worker provides assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and liaises with educational bodies, government agencies and committees.

Education Aide - Auslan

An education aide - auslan provides assistance to deaf and hard of hearing students and facilitates communication between teachers, other staff members, and hearing students.

Education Aide - Braille

An education aide - braille provides assistance to blind or vision-impaired students and facilitates communication between teachers and other staff members.

Personal Requirements

  • good communication skills
  • patient in dealing with people
  • mature and sensible
  • able to work independently or as part of a team
  • enjoy helping children learn
  • able to accept direction and supervision.
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