Artists conceive and create visual representations to investigate, respond to or communicate an impression or idea.

Duties & Tasks

An artist may be concerned with the production of two-dimensional or three-dimensional forms, employing a number of methods such as painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture and ceramics to realise their ideas. They may also use film, digital technology and performance techniques and forms.


Painter (Fine/Visual Arts)

A painter (fine/visual arts) researches, sketches and develops ideas for paintings. Painters use mediums such as oil, watercolour, pencil, pastel, acrylic or ink and paint onto prepared surfaces such as canvas, paper or board. Painters mix or apply colours using appropriate techniques while taking into account the relationships of line, colour, design and form. Painters may run workshops and oversee community arts projects.

Performance/Live Art Artist

A performance/live art artist uses their body as the site and material of their art practice. Through action and spectacle performance and live art, artists may explore ideas of process, experience and production. The performance may be scripted or unscripted and can include audience participation.


A printmaker etches designs onto metal plates or cuts designs into wood or linoleum to produce prints. They also prepare screens for screen-printing and execute lithographic prints. Printmakers prepare ink and printmaking surfaces and transfer images to print material by using a press or other printing method.

Sculptor/Installation Artist

A sculptor/installation artist conceives and develops a concept or design for a sculpture or installation project. Sculptor/installation artists may sketch designs and then decide on the material, techniques and the space where the sculpture or installation is to be exhibited. They often make models using wax or plaster and then carve, model or assemble materials to the desired form using hand or power tools. They may also fire clay objects in kilns and prepare moulds for casting sculptures in metal.

Working Conditions

Artists may concentrate on a specific area of work or may use a combination of techniques. They generally work in studios and may share the space with other artists.

Personal Requirements

  • artistic ability
  • good hand-eye coordination
  • creative and the ability to conceptualise ideas
  • self-discipline
  • promotional skills.
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