Craftspersons design, make and repair objects that have both functional and artistic qualities, working with wood, metal, glass, leather, ceramics, textiles and other materials.

Duties & Tasks

A craftsperson may perform the following tasks:

  • design the style and shape of objects
  • use and manipulate materials to make objects according to the design
  • finish objects to enhance their artistic and/or practical qualities
  • repair damaged or defective craft objects.


Fibre Textile Worker

A fibre textile worker may work with weaving, felting, embroidery, stitchery, quilting, dyeing, printing and garment design to create articles of clothing, finishings and decorative items. They may also do lacemaking, tapestry, collage, basketry, knitting, crochet, rugmaking, knotting, bookbinding and fabric painting.

Glass Craftsperson

A glass craftsperson may work with hot glass (glassblowing and casting), warm glass (fusing and slumping) or cold glass (stained glass and leadlighting) to produce glassware and decorative items.

Leather Craftsperson

A leather craftsperson designs, makes and decorates saddlery, gloves, shoes, bags and soft furnishings.

Metal/Jewellery Worker

A metal/jewellery worker works with copper, brass, nickel, pewter, gold, silver and other metals to create jewellery and utensils such as enamelware and cutlery. They may weld, patinate, cast, beat, construct and manipulate materials to suit the design.


A potter/ceramicist moulds clay into functional items such as mugs, bowls and tableware or conceptual (idea-based) works by wheel throwing, moulding or hand building. They then mix glazing materials and apply the glaze to decorate pieces, using various techniques. They put the finished or decorated pieces in kilns for firing and may add other decoration after firing for artistic effect.

Wood Craftsperson

A wood craftsperson may carve, shape (by using a lathe), laminate, inlay, construct, sandpaper and sculpt wood to produce items such as sculptures, decorative wall panels, furniture, picture frames, jewellery boxes and eating utensils. They also restore and copy antique ornaments and furniture.

Personal Requirements

  • artistic design skills
  • good hand-eye coordination
  • promotional skills
  • business skills if self-employed.
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