Film, Stage and Television Director


Film, stage and television directors direct the overall production, or specific aspects of the production, of films, television programmes or stage shows. They have the final responsibility for making sure that everything is ready to be filmed or performed.

Duties & Tasks

Film, stage and television directors may perform the following tasks:

  • study scripts to determine artistic interpretation
  • plan and arrange for set designs, costumes, sound effects and lighting
  • select actors for roles in the production by viewing performances and conducting screen tests and auditions
  • plan, direct and coordinate filming or taping, instructing camera operators on the position and the angle of their shots and coordinating changes in lighting and sound
  • edit film or videotape and add soundtrack and other effects
  • coordinate the activities of the studio/stage crew, performers and technicians during rehearsals and productions.

Personal Requirements

  • artistic flair
  • good communication skills
  • able to remain calm under pressure
  • able to exercise authority.
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